Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ginger Remedies: Poultices for Infection Work

Ginger remedies have been used across many cultures for generations to help with hair growth, arthritis, and even bad breath. Ginger remedies require the use of ginger tea or a ginger poultice.

A ginger poultice is a soft mass of sticky ginger. This is usually spread on cloth and is used warm. These medicated coverings can help infected wounds to heal faster.

A ginger poultice is used in family treatments and in natural traditional or alternative medicine. Poultices are alternatively known as cataplasms.
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Ginger poultices work by heating, soothing or moistening parts of the body which are suffering from inflammation or poor circulation. This alternative remedy is used for bladder, throat and sinus infections.
"Urinary tract infections",

Ginger Remedies- Poultices for Infection Work with the following:
Pain in the knees

Try salad dressings, granola and other foods that contain ginger.

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